Audiophiles in Singapore have a haunt in the middle of the city. One of the locations that we frequent is The Adelphi. 3-4 levels of shops selling high end audio equipment. Most of the shops sell high end AV equipment for homes with the latest TVs and projects, speakers and amplifiers. You can find all kinds of  audio gear there.

One of the shops that i frequent is Jaben. They focus on headphones and earphones, including amplifiers for your headgear. They have a couple of tables setup so that you can spend your time testing what you want before you purchase your gear. It’s located on the first floor of the building at #01-09. They wholesale brands like Beyerdynamic, Crossroads and Final Audio Design. The staff at Jaben are very friendly and they are not only willing to let you try the gear but give good advice. It’s best to bring your audio playing device there so that you can test out the actual gear. This is an audiophiles heaven if you are looking to test and try headphones and headphone amplifiers. 

There are other places you can get audio gear in town like Sim Lim Square where you can find more than audio equipment but tech gear as well.

But for those in the west who aren’t too fond of travlling to town, try Bukit Timah Plaza. There’s a shop that i go to called x-audio. They carry quite a bit of gear with a decent showroom. They can help with custom products at a fraction of the cost as well.

For those in the East, we have Zenn Audio Components. It’s a jewel in the east that have been around for a long time. It’s located at bedok shopping complex. They provide quality service for quality second hand goods. They are a place worth visiting if you want to work with a budget but get something good.

Audiophile Delight in Singapore

Jaben at Adelphi












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